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Hawkes Digital Marketing
I provide a range of digital marketing services to your business as if I were your in-house employee. Web Design & I.T. Systems My past experience has taken me through the project lifecycle of development within I.T. and the internet. I can therefore assist your business with needs from project management, business requirements for a new website, to speaking with graphic and system designers, system testing the website, and working with you to introduce the system live into your business operations. I can help source and review web design companies that will meet your website needs, as this can increasingly be a hard decision to make. We can also help you with addition of new content into your existing websites. If you wish to see a fuller profile of my past experience you can view this on my linkedin profile. SEO Providing we are given access to the CMS for your website I can add everything necessary SEO wise to ensure your website ranks well on the search engine. I can help you select an external SEO provider that will provide link building services and act on your behalf to monitor the work they provide. I use industry specific tools to monitor what SEO companies do to your website using link building practices. Social Media I can remotely do your social media work for you and are able to build an online marketing profile with advance scheduling built in to cover future developments of your system using bulk upload techniques. Email marketing I am able to plan, manage and build your email campaigns using either industry wide email systems or I can build bespoke inhouse campaigns and manage them on your behalf. Pricing I am able to offer fixed priced contracts or work on a time and materials basis. I am able to offer price deals for businesses wishing to pay in advance and avoid regular invoicing. This allows you to call on my time as and when you need it without waiting for invoices to be paid. Time Recording All project work is recorded and tracked by the minute in a project worksheet. This allows you to submit requests for work knowing that you are only being charged for actual work on your websites or marketing. This avoids having to pay for travel or breaktimes, and is therefore the most cost effective way of working for you. Any travel expenses for onsite work will be negotiated in advance. weeCONOMY Group AG We are a member of the weeCONOMY and as such we will give cashback on marketing services to weeCONOMY members. Join weeCONOMY using this link https://goo.gl/kvfVWM, then we'll give you 2.5% cashback off the purchase of your weePhone or marketing services. Contact Us I can take on a variety of different IT and internet work on your behalf, so please contact us to find out my availability.​